The Importance Of Silk Rug Cleaning

A silk rug is an appealing fixture for many different reasons. These rugs—which often come from the Far East—have been sought for thousands of years, and these days they're still popular because they look great and feel wonderful too. It's not uncommon to find silk rugs in modern businesses, as many individuals think they do a lot to brighten up a room.
But an unfortunate truth of silk rug ownership is that you'll have to maintain these rugs quite well. If you don't, you may put the rug in jeopardy. Over time, a silk rug will get dirty, and when this happens the last thing you should do is avoid addressing the problem. A rug that's left to get dirty will become home to a bunch of unwanted particles including dirt, dust, mold, mildew, bacteria, allergens, bacteria, and grit.
When your rug gets dirty, there's only one thing you should do, and that’s get on the phone with our silk rug cleaning experts. We provide silk rug and carpet cleaning in Brooklyn, and this is what we've been doing for years. Going above and beyond for clients is what we do best!

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How Our Experts Clean Silk Rugs

You can trust us with handling your silk rugs. We know that these are delicate fixtures, and that's why we will always handle them with care throughout the cleaning process. When you get your rugs back from us, you’ll think they are brand new. They’ll smell great, feel great, and look terrific. They'll be worthy of compliments again. And the best part of all is that they'll be sanitary—you won’t have to worry about the rug putting your health at risk. Here’s more on how our silk rug cleaning process works:
Our experts will first assess the colorfastness of your rug before cleaning it. Next, we remove whatever loose fibers, dirt, grit, and debris we can before cleaning, as these particles can be more harmful when wet. Then we conduct a gentle rug washing. We take extra care, as we know a wet rug can get damaged easily. We only use cleaning products that are designed for silk rugs, and refrain from doing any vigorous scrubbing.

What We Do About Pet Stains & Odors

If you're dealing with pet stains, you should get in touch with us. We can tackle pet stains old and new, and when we are done with cleaning you'll forget a pet stain was ever there. We can also get rid of tough odors, especially the smell of dog. It's not like you can predict when a pet is going to have an accident on the rug, and for this reason you shouldn't get mad at your pet. What you should do is get on the phone with us, we come to your house and make your silk rugs spotless. You and your furry friend will be able to enjoy them again.