We’re Sought By Silk Rug Owners

Silk rugs have been sought for thousands of years, and these days they are still popular. A good silk rug will look great and feel even better, and sometimes these rugs are even displayed on walls for decorative purposes. But one unfortunate truth is that a silk rug will not stay in good condition forever, especially if it's subjected to high foot traffic and other things that can diminish the quality of a rug.
When your silk rug becomes dirty, this doesn't mean that your rug is destined for the trash. All that's needed in this instance is affordable rug cleaning that our team can provide. We've been cleaning silk rugs for years, and these days we are a top choice for silk rug owners who need silk rug and carpet cleaning in Brooklyn.
We handle your rugs with care throughout the entire cleaning process, and when you get your rugs back from us you’ll think they were just purchased.

Our Services

Rug Cleaning

We clean silk rugs with the best cleaning products and technology, and we not only make your rugs spotless but sanitary too.


Rug Restoration & Repair

And if you need any kind of rug restoration work, we can help here as well. We can perform rug restoration services in a timely manner and for an affordable price.


We Don’t Just Clean Silk Rugs

While we specialize in silk rug cleaning, silk rugs aren’t the only rugs we clean. We can clean anything that comes to our shop, and if you have specific cleaning instructions, we will follow these closely to ensure the rug cleaning process goes just how you want. A rug’s age nor a complex design will inhibit us from delivering effective cleaning, and when you get your rugs back they'll not only be clean but fresh smelling as well. Here are the other rugs we clean for clients:
Braided rugs
Coastal rugs
Border rugs
Distressed rugs
High-low rugs
Shag rugs
Navajo rugs
Synthetic rugs
Polyester rugs
Wool rugs
Oriental rugs
Moroccan rugs
Kilim rugs
Turkish rugs


Why Silk Rug Owners In And Around Brooklyn Trust Us

Brooklyn silk rug owners have been using our services for years, and that's because we are dedicated and highly skilled. Our number-one priority is delivering customer satisfaction consistently, and when we get referred by a satisfied client, nothing makes us happier. In a referrals-based business like this, everyone wins when good service is delivered and then recommended.


Cleaning Silk Rugs With Eco-Friendly Products

We can clean silk rugs with eco-friendly products. You don't have to worry about these damaging your rug. We've been using these products for years. This service is preferred by those who have young children and/or pets at home. These products are strong while still being non-toxic and safe. Your rug will be ready for use immediately.